Performance Team


Frequently Asked Questions About Being Part of a Competition Team

  • What are the extra costs?

    • 1. Entry fees – these can range from $30-$45 per dancer/per dance/per competition for a group dance.  Solo, duet and trio routines are priced higher 

      2. Workshops – We attend two workshops during our season.  Workshops are important for our team members so they can be exposed to working choreographers and performers, and also to be exposed to different teaching and classroom styles.  Workshop fees are currently ranging from $100-$300 per workshop.  Travel and lodging are at your own expense. 

      3. We do a few fundraisers during the season to help offset some of these costs.  Participation is at your own discretion. 

  • What is expected at class?

    • We expect our competition team dancers to come to class unless there is a valid excuse not to.  We would like to be informed by telephone call, text or email if a student will be missing competition class.  We expect dancers to arrive before class starts so that we can start class on time without students coming in late.  We expect dancers to show up ready and dressed for movement.  No gum in class.  And, we expect that dancers will show respect to their teachers, each other and fellow performers. 

  • Will there be extra practices?

    • Occasionally we do schedule a few extra practices before a competition or performance to make sure the team is ready. 

  • When is the first competition?

    • The first competition is typically the middle of March.  

  • When do classes start?

    • Competition classes start with the summer camps/choreography.  

  • What kind of shoes, dance wear & clothing are required?

    • 1. Shoes – we require all of our dancers to have the proper footwear for class, this includes but is not limited to, ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes and any other required for the class which enrolled in. 


      2. Dance wear – competition dancers are required to wear a black leotard and tights to class.  The dancer may wear shorts, a ballet skirt, legwarmers, tank tops or any other type of warm up clothing over their leotard.  Warm up clothing must be removed after the class warm up is completed 


      3.  Clothing – competition team members are also required to have a team jacket & black leggingst to wear to competitions and performances.   

  • When do competition dancers perform?

    • Depending on age, our competition dancers go to 2-3 competitions during the dance season (August-May).  These competitions take place in Duluth and in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.  We also try to have several local performances in Hibbing and/or surrounding communities, in addition to our annual recital.   

  • What is required of competition dancers?

    • The minimum requirement is that each competition dancers is enrolled in their competition class, a ballet class and one other class (ex. technique, hip hop, pointe, or modern).  We also require that students take a minimum of one year of ballet, tap & jazz before being eligible to compete, unless the student is given a teacher recommendation to compete.


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