Let your child be encouraged to have their inner beauty shine at Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe.

The caring SDS staff are dedicated to captivating your child’s interest in dance and tumbling. Inspiring your child to grow, and develop their creativity & artistry are a top priority. 

Your child will feel welcomed, and at home, when they walk through the doors of SDS, truly like their second home.




A note from the director:

The story of SDS begins many years ago. As a young dancer myself, I had a dream of opening a dance studio. This dream kept me from quitting when things got difficult, it got pushed aside a few times during my teen years, but was always there in the background, waiting for the right time.

The fall of 2000 brought an opportunity to realize my dream and open a dance studio. Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe was open and ready to inspire a new generation of dancers. We started small with 130 students and a staff of 3, and have grown over the years to over 200 students and a staff of 13!

Our purpose here has grown over the years too. Opening SDS gave me the opportunity to teach kids how to dance & tumble, and I knew that would happen. But, what I didn’t know is that I, along with the staff I have grown, would have the opportunity to change lives, create new dreams, and open a whole new world of exploration for students.

I am forever grateful to the many students who I have had the privilege of knowing, teaching, and watching grow up over the years, and look forward to welcoming your child to our studio family, too!

~Ms. Stephanie

The SDS P.L.E.D.G.E.

Growing confidence with compassion, building community through connection, and inspiring creativity in all. 

Perform – every child can reach their goal of performing, and we love to give them the support needed to reach that magical moment where they are confidently on stage

Leadership – leading your child where they need to go is our most important job; from that first class to their senior solo moment, your student will be uniquely guided to be their most confident selves 

Engage – being active in our community, and providing ways to for your child to give back, instills a sense of pride in even the youngest of students

Dependable – through teamwork, and building a strong community within our studio, your student is welcomed, encouraged, and connected to other students

Growth –  giving students the opportunities to express themselves encourages them to blossom into beautiful young adults who have developed a strong work ethic, learned time management skills, and value teamwork

Embrace – by creating a safe space for your child to embrace who they are, and who they are growing to be; courage, strength of character, and self-awareness are all embraced in the studio, and they thrive on that!


Watching, and guiding, your child through our studio programs is such a highlight for our instructors. Students who are with us for many years transform from shy and reserved, into vibrant and brave young adults who are ready to take on the world with confidence and grace.





Ready to Join the SDS Family?

The SDS staff is ready to welcome your child into our studio family. Get ready to watch them grow & flourish!

Studio Facilities


When students and their parent/guardian walk into Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe, they will find a warm and welcoming hello from our Engagement Team. The team loves to interact, and help students and parents feel comfortable in our space. Questions are encouraged! 

Students will find their teacher waiting in the lobby for them to arrive, so they may be guided into one of our two studios. On any given day, you will hear the sounds of laughter and happy chit-chat amongst the staff as they wait to see their students. The SDS team of teachers always has a smile to share, and a hand to lead the way. 

We are so proud of our students, and all that they have accomplished, so you may see the many accolades that have been earned by current and former students.  They take pride in seeing their accomplishments displayed proudly upon our walls.  Memories are cherished when viewing the photos along the wall of years gone by. Once a student, always a family member at SDS. 



    Team SDS is made up of 10 teachers with over 65 years combined teaching experience. We are thrilled to have your child in class and cannot wait to share our love of dance and tumbling with them!

    The studios also have 3 engagement team members to help you be “in the know” at the Dance Shoppe. They are happy to assist with account questions, registration questions, or anything you may need to know!





    Our studios are open Monday-Thursday from approximately 3:30-7:30pm (during class times).

    The studio is also open for private rentals.

      Class-time Contacts

      Please use our email address to contact us during class times as we like to dedicate our time to our students.  Email reply can be expected within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and phone calls are returned Monday-Thursday 9am – 2pm.

        Office Hours

        The front desk is open during studio hours to help with your dance wear purchases, tuition payments, and to answer questions.   If you need assistance during a time when the desk isn’t open, just drop us an email and we’ll lend a hand!