When can I register?

Fall Season -> August 1st @8AM
Summer Session -> April 15th @8AM

We post our schedule on the website before registration opens, so you can see what types of classes are offered, and see which will fit your schedule the best!

What type of payment can I use online?

We accept credit card, debit card, PayPal, or ACH payments online at any time of day. 

If those payment options won’t work for you, please stop at the front desk to pay with cash, check, money order, credit or debit card.

Where do I get my dancewear, shoes or dance bag?

For dress code items, you may purchase online through the parent portal. All items are delivered to the studio.  For your convenience, SDS always carries tights in all sizes and styles at the studio.  There is also a small supply of dance wear, shoes, and dance bags on hand at all times. 

For SDS branded items, you may purchase online through our brand boutique.

Both of these shops are linked from the ONLINE STORE menu at the top of our website too.

How do I know what size shoes to order?

The best way to know is to have your dancer sized at one of our Welcome Night events. Our staff is trained in sizing and can help you make sure you’re ordering the right fit.

Welcome Night dates will be posted on our Facebook page, and you will receive an email confirmation once you’re registered with all the details.

How much are lessons?

Our tuition fees are $34-$80 per month, depending on the class length and type of class.

What expenses are there in addition to lesson fees?

In addition to tuition, there are expenses for registration fees, recital, shoes and dancewear.

Dance wear for class can be purchased anywhere that you choose, as long as it meets our dress code guidelines.  The easiest way for your dancer to feel as though he or she fits in is to have matching shoes to other classmates. We know good dance shoes, and so it is required to purchase dance shoes from the studio. 
*Pro tip – sometimes you can find gently used shoes through our studio Facebook page that is dedicated to parents of SDS dancers. 

Recital costumes may also require expense for alterations. While the costume companies standardize in S, M, L, our bodies don’t necessarily work the same way so sometimes a costume will need some minor adjustments.


When do your classes begin and end?

Classes begin the third week in September.

Our dance season ends with the annual June recital.

Tumbling classes do not participate in the annual recital.

Studios are closed for approximately 4 weeks over the Dec-Jan winter break.

Are tumbling classes in the recital?

No. Our tumbling classes are not in the recital.  Students will see their progression through progress reports in the parent portal, and at our scheduled observation days throughout the year.