Dance class means to me, that I get to be myself. No one judges me. I get to express my emotions throughout my movements.
~Ali McCue, student
To me, dance class means expressing yourself in many different ways. Learning to be yourself and inspiring others, while others inspire you too. And having fun. 🙂
~Lauren Riipinen, student
Dance class is my place to have creativity and self expression. It’s my time to just let go of everything going on in my life and to be free.
~Aliseea Harwood, student
Our family loves Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe. Our 3-year old daughter asks every day if she can go to dance class. The teachers in Pre-K 1 made her feel at ease when beginning the dance process.
~Torie Arnoldy, parent
We love Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe! From my dancing daughter: “The teachers are so nice and so supportive. There are tons of good classes, it is hard to pick! The dance space is spacious and fun to go to. I love the recital themes, and they do such a good job with the choreography. I have fun performing every year. I’m really happy I get to be a part of this dance studio!”
~Missy Wetzel, parent