Age 2-5

Our enchanting preschool program that focuses on the magical moments of learning and movement with students who are just beginning their journey at SDS.  Students will be delighted each week with new and exciting themes, props, and games. Our youngest students will interact with other students to form lasting friendships. A bright beginning never ends!

Age 6-9

Our next level program for children that are ready to continue on the path of development and discovery. Students are encouraged to try new things, build new friendships, form lasting bonds with our caring staff, and experience growing confidence with each and every class. You will begin to see their confidence blossom and grow each week! Creativity grows here, and we love to let them shine! 

Age 10-13

SDS’s sensational program for students who are ready to explore their creativity at a higher level.  The intention behind this program is to give children the tools to thrive in this stage, and future stages of their lives. We are passionate about self discovery, self awareness, and self confidence. Students will feel connected to their classmates, teachers, studio, and their classes each week. 

Age 14+

 The highly popular program for students in their teen years. The student’s focus is on building strength through technique, growing resilience by working hard, and learning self reliance. Your child will learn to rely on themselves by seeing success after succes.  Students join our programs to dance, but leave our studio with so much more than that. We truly believe in growing good humans.

Age 6-18

The ballet program at SDS will give your dancer a foundation from with to grow in all other genre’s of dance. When given a good foundation to build upon, there is nothing your child can’t accomplish, and we implement that in our ballet program. Your student will love learning about ballet, ballet history, and how it impacts them in other class and outside the studio too! 

Ages 8-18

Our signature programs for students who are looking for teammates to count on, fast track learning, community involvement, and the joys of competition. Students quickly learn the value of teamwork, dedication, and working hard to achieve their goals. The SDS Performance Team dancers have gone on to dance and/or cheer at college, and many have earned dance degrees and become teachers themselves. Students, and their parents all agree that Performance Team can change lives…for the better!