Welcome to our studios! We are so happy you have chosen Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe for your child’s dance education. The first day of dance class is definitely something to be excited about. But, it can also raise some questions too…What should we expect? How can we be ready? What should my child wear? Read on for the answers these questions, and more!

Get excited for class!

It’s always a great idea to set expectations right from the beginning so there are no surprises on the first day of class.

Let your student know their teacher’s name.

Also, talk about how you will be waiting outside the actual dance room for your dancers.

Let him/her know how proud of them you will be when they complete their first class.

Offer to celebrate by having a treat or special dinner after the first class.

Meeting new faces can be stressful for young children, and talking about what is expected can help alleviate any unnecessary stress. Your child’s teacher understands this kind of stress, and will be there every step of the way with reassurance, guidance, and compassion. 

Remember to offer encouragement too, “You are going to have so much fun!” or “You will be learning so many new things!”

Meet The Teacher Ahead Of Time

Bring your dancer to our Welcome Night so they can meet our staff. We are always excited to meet, and welcome, new students to our studios.

If you cannot make it to Welcome Night, use our website to view teacher photos, read a little about them, and watch a video from their teacher!

Also, use the teacher’s name when talking about the upcoming class!

Bring A Friend

Having a friend with can help ease the “butterflies in the stomach feeling” that your child may be experiencing on the first day of class. Have your play-dates scheduled with us so your child can dance with their BFF for years to come.

Start on the path to success!

Every class is a well-planned learning environment, therefore, we like our students to look the part too. This will help them to know that they are in a classroom setting, and that everyone is equal at our studios.

Class dress code also helps the teaching staff to recognize correct body positions and alignment. Hair should be secured out of the face for all classes, and no gum is allowed in the studios.

Asking your child how their class was builds confidence 🙂

After class, encourage your child to show you what they have learned, or for more fun, have then teach you a move or two! Some children will demonstrate everything, while others will only show 1 or 2 things, or even nothing. This is ok. Dance is an art form at which all students learn at a different pace.

Your child will be encouraged to work hard, listen to their teacher, and make new friends. By doing these things, they will be enjoying each and every class with us!

Get Connected!

Nothing makes your day easier than having all the information you need when you need it. Connect yourself with the studio now to make life easier later!

Email: Keeping your email address current ensures that you won’t miss a beat!  All of our important announcements and tuition notices will be sent through email.

iPhone App: Our App makes it convenient to view your child’s dance schedule, communicate with staff, manage your account, order dress code items and so much more!

Facebook: We update our page often and post important news like closures, events and date reminders

Instagram: We post fun shots of dancers and events on Instagram, so add yourself to our follower list


Ask Questions

Whether you’re looking for advice on helping your new dancer acclimate or just need some clarifying information, our team us incredibly kind and helpful.

Email: You can send email anytime to with your question or a good time and number to call you back on.

Call Us: The front desk is staffed during most hours students are in class, and you can always leave us a message. Call 218-969-9487

Questions For Your Teacher: If you have questions for your student’s teacher, please send an email to the front desk at to get connected. Our classes run on a tight timeline, teachers normally won’t have time to give lengthy answers to questions or address issues between classes. We recommend you set up a meeting with your teacher and our director so that we can have a personal connection and lend a hand. 

We look forward to having your dancer in class!

Welcome to Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe!