Policies & Procedures


This document was created to inform parents/guardians about their child’s experience at our studio. It is our goal that your child receives a quality dance education while gaining confidence, developing social skills, and sharing memories to last a lifetime! We hope this guide will answer your questions.


Tuition is set by a number of classes during the season, not per month. There are two payment plans for your convenience. Full Tuition Payment, or Monthly Payment Option.

Delinquent Accounts

  • If on the One Time Payment Plan, your account is paid in full at the time of registration
  •  If on the Monthly Payment Plan, your payments are due on the 10th of each month from October-May
  • Payments made after the 10th of the month will incur a $10 fee. The charges will accrue each month fees are not paid
  • A student who falls more than 3 payments behind will not be permitted back to class until the account is made current
  • You may not register for new classes with a delinquent account. A $25 per month past due fee will be assessed over the summer months if account is not paid in full by the end of our season (June 10th).

Cancellation of Classes

Classes are subject to cancellation & rescheduling per the instructor for reasons such as but not limited to illness, family emergency, deaths etc. The rescheduling of class may/may not be on the normally scheduled day, payments are still required in full.

Bad/Inclement Weather

If there is NO school, in Hibbing, due to weather, there are also NO classes at the Dance Shoppe. Also, one weather-related cancellation is allowed per year at the discretion of the teacher without rescheduling. Lesson fees will be required in full.

Change of Classes

Students may be required to change classes due to size of class or ability of student.

Dropping of Class

If a student wishes to drop out of a class we require written notification. Your account will continue to be charged if we are not notified. You can inform us by written notice, given to the front desk staff, or by written email to office@danceshoppe.net. The last day to drop a class and receive a refund of costume deposits, unused tuition, and/or recital t-shirt fees is October 31.


Students are expected to come to class ready to learn. We expect students to be respectful to the instructors, the front desk staff & to others. If this behavior cannot be displayed, the student may be asked to sit out of class, or leave class for that day. If the negative behavior continues the student may be asked to leave class on a permanent basis. We ask that your child go to the bathroom before class begins.

Class Dress Code

  • Students are required to come to class dressed for dance & movement. This means a leotard & tights for girls, black pants/short and white shirt for boys, and the correct footwear. Check class dress codes for specific class requirements.
  • Hair MUST be secured away from the face in a ponytail or bun. If hair is too short for a ponytail or bun then it must be out of the students face (barrette or headband holding bangs away if necessary).
  • Not following these guidelines may result in the student being asked to sit and watch class without being able to participate that day.


We ask that all parents play a supportive & positive role in their child’s dance education. In order to make this happen, we ask the following:
Parents are asked to remain outside of the studio during class time. It is distracting to the students & teachers. Additionally, we do not allow any relatives or friends in the studio during class.
Parents must not interfere with classes. Instructors, and the studio director, have the final decision regarding costumes, routines, placement in different class levels, competitions, etc. We are available to discuss any concerns you may have. This discussion will not occur during class time.  The studio director or class instructor reserves the right to the final decision. We thank you for your cooperation in teaching your child.
Arrive no more than 10 minutes before class time so they may use the restroom, quietly stretch in our changing area and get the proper shoes on. Students are to be picked up from the studio within 10 minutes after their class is done. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
If there is a question or issue, please do not interrupt classes to have this resolved.  We have office hours and can also be reached by email, text and phone.  This way we can focus on the students learning during their time at the studio!


  • Costume payments are due at registration. This fee is non-refundable if you drop the class after October 31st.
  • Student’s accounts must be current for costumes to be ordered, if not, you will be responsible for any express shipping charges, if applicable, to get the costumes here in time for pictures/recital. (applies to monthly payment accounts)
  • If your account has fallen delinquent when costumes arrive, the costumes will not be given out to your student until your balance is current. (applies to monthly payment accounts)

Alterations & cost of are the responsibility of the parent. Costumes cannot be reordered if they do not fit correctly. We do our best to measure each child & fit them accordingly.  Costumes come in only 3 sizes – small, medium and large – children do not.  We can refer you to a shop for alterations if they are necessary.


Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe & all employees will not be held liable in the event of an injury. Every attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian in an emergency situation. Instructors & staff reserve the right to call emergency medical services & request treatment. Parents are responsible for all costs incurred in the event of an emergency including, but not limited to ambulance costs, emergency room/clinic costs & any treatments received there.


Use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging, and other online social-media vehicles is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe students and parents with guidelines to eliminate any confusion concerning the use of social media.

  • You DO NOT have permission to reveal any information that compromises Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe. By that we mean you are forbidden to share personal information about the director, teachers, office staff, other students or their families, or anything that is proprietary and/or confidential to them or Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe.
  • Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe
  • Never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of students who attend Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe
  • If you post videos of class or rehearsals, don’t post any choreography in its entirety; Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe owns the copyright to all choreography taught at the school.

Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use. As stated in our parent handbook handbook, parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools or teachers. Also, please do not post negative comments about school activities such as competitions, conventions, & performances or about the directors of those events.

Ensure that your social networking conduct is consistent with all of the policies contained in this handbook.